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Our Mission

Is simply to provide the best tools for internet and affiliate marketers. We’re a passionate small team building on many years of software development, internet marketing and search engine optimization experience being some. The birth of CB Clicksale is a big step to realizing this ambition with many more features planned and expansion to other affiliate networks on our to-do list!

We are building CB Clicksale 100% up from the ground with no perceived notions, no unnecessary complex features with the simple aim of developing the best set of tools and capabilities that give you the best return on your investment and furthermore based on our users feedback.

After all our primary interest is to help you make a solid income online, with the ease and satisfaction of using tools that make life so much more simpler and happier when it comes to your bottom line.

Also don’t forget our affiliate scheme which will soon be set-up. We plan paying 60% recurring commission for every referral to CB Clicksale, allowing you to partner and grow with us!

If you need to expand your digital empire, on a small or grand scale, we hope you’ll try our product. We sure made it with people like you in mind.