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Introducing the Affiliate Bonus Mailer Module:

“Quickly capture leads through offering relevant bonuses time and time again without having to worry about product development and delivery. Rinse & Repeat & Reap the Rewards On Your Affiliate Promos & Offers!”

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No Installation Required. Just Some Simple Steps!

Real time validation, list assignment & bonus delivery

  • User visits your website and is encouraged to make a purchase through your affiliate link in return for bonuses.
  • User makes a bonus claim by simply forwarding the email purchase receipt.
  • Beneath the covers the email is auto-forwarded to CB Clicksale whereby it is validated.
  • User is assigned to your email list.
  • User receives email reply with download link to bonuses either via your email list or via CB Clicksale.
  • Continue to promote products via your email list and watch the money roll-in!

Campaign Creation Within Minutes

  • It's really easy to setup. All you need to do is add your email address which forwards emails to CB Clicksale.
  • Pick your bonuses from the catalog and/or add your own private ones.
  • Select your autoresponder with a click and you're done!
  • For deployment copy and paste code such as the download link for your email message, bonus image covers etc.

Setup Your Offer On Your Website

  • Here is an example screenshot of how you can display your offer.
  • With use of CB Clicksale's Pro Bonus Cover Maker you can also create unique professional covers for your bonuses.
  • Best of all it works with all affiliate platforms. For example you can take your Amazon affiliate site to the next level with providing an offer that's way better than the competition and even vendor!
  • You can also combine multiple affiliate offers on different platforms e.g. Amazon, CJ, Clickbank etc
  • Further you can create a massive list of actual buyers whom you can sell to again and again!

Stand Head & Shoulders Above Your Competition!

Is there anybody out there that doesn't like to get additional free stuff when making a purchase? What about those two for one offers in super-markets? Would you pay for just one item or would you with no effort place another in your shopping basket? What would you choose?

Indeed this timeless marketing strategy is proven to work and its no different when it comes to online.

As an affiliate promoting products in an already saturated marketplace its important now as ever to stand out, to increase your conversions and to be better than your competition.

Why follow the herd with writing fake reviews with the hope that visitors will click on a link only to be referred to another website to be never seen again? You may earn some commissions but that's about it and you certainly wont know who made the purchase and unlike the vendor you wont get the opportunity to sell to them again and again.

With CB Clicksale's Affiliate Bonus Mailer module all of that changes. It increases your conversion rate and commissions earned through the use of offering bonus incentives.

Even better you can also build a highly targeted list of actual buyers whom you can sell to again and again. As an affiliate this really is a game changer! Suddenly you're the one offering the best deal online and you're the one that people will want to buy through.

You'll be standing out from the crowd and becoming that super affiliate in no time!

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