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Speed Contest: Deadline 20th January 2016  (10 days). Total $12,200

View the leader board here.

5th Place

50 FE Sales


4th Place

75 FE Sales


3rd Place

100 FE  Sales


2nd Place

200 FE Sales


1st Place

400 FE Sales


10th Place

2 FE Sales


9th Place

3 FE Sales


8th Place

5 FE Sales


7th Place

15 FE Sales


6th Place

30 FE Sales


*FE - Minimum Front End Sales

Most Sales Contest (x4) - Deadline Every Quarterly Throughout 2016. Total $20,000

First Quarter (21st January - 31st March 2016)

5th Place (x5)

10 FE Sales


4th Place (x2)

25 FE Sales


3rd Place

50 FE Sales


2nd Place

100 FE Sales


1st Place

200 FE Sales


*FE - Minimum Front End Sales

Sales Funnel

We have various options for subscription membership. Make sure to check out our home page for details of what CB Clicksale provides. The below is a summary which excludes our re-launch discount offer. Once the re-launch offer is closed the prices will of course go up as indicated below.

Monthly (Standard)

$ 29 60% Commission

Launch Price $19

Monthly (Pro)

$ 39 60% Commission

Launch Price $29

Yearly (Pro)

$ 297 60% Commission

Launch Price $199

Monthly Upgrade (Add-On)

$ 12 60% Commission

Launch Price $7

We have an awesome funnel in place, providing great value with extended features on the backend as follows:

Upsell 1

$ 97 50% Commission

Launch Price $69

Downsell 1

$ 69 50% Commission

Launch Price $49

Upsell 2

$ 69 50% Commission

Launch Price $49

Downsell 2

$ 49 50% Commission

Launch Price $29

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Our affiliate program pays out a generous 60% commission month after month and year after year for the life-time of each customer. Not only do you earn commissions from the initial sale, but you’ll continue to earn a recurring commission as long as that customer remains active! 

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It's a Win-Win-Win All Round...

CB Clicksale is a one of a kind software as a service (SaaS) tools that are not available anywhere else. It's a win-win-win for all concerned. A win for our customers whom are earning income online as never before with tools which simply work, a win for us whom get to provide and support an awesome product and a win for our affiliates whom earn recurring commissions as our partner.

As you can no doubt tell we're a passionate, dedicated small team with the single mission to develop the world's greatest software tools for internet marketers. We believe we have more or less have achieved that with CB Clicksale Version 2.0 - and we're not going to stop at that with a lot more cool stuff on the horizon with more development work planned/underway.

So why not be a part of that and join us on our journey?

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