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Email #1

The Stealth Marketing Tactic On Steroids...


This simply is insane... and super awesome beyond belief. Imagine a way to market your products and offers without people realizing that they are being marketed to.

Which does not require you to develop content whats so ever, to spend endless weeks and months pursuing backlinks for traffic or to even own a website in the first place.

Also imagine that you could pick any web site/page online and be able to place a popup optin box and also a header notification bar announcing your services/products/offer.

Well there is no need too... The Stealth Remote Commander one of various modules you get with CB Clicksale software does just that.

Here is one of many scenario's on how you can use this cutting edge capability:

Simply participate and add value on forums, web site discussions and social groups with providing a link to a really useful authoritative resource which is highly relevant. That link however will covertly place your optin and/or header notification in a subtle manner that will get tons of folks signing up to your list. Find out more here: <<INSERT YOUR AFFILIATE LINK>>.

In addition CB Clicksale has ton of other stuff such as the ability to offer bonus bribes as an incentive to purchase through your affiliate offers as well as selling your own products with sales funnels with upsells and downsells... Best of all you don't even need to own your own products as you can use one from the massive unbranded digital catalog covering just about every niche.

There simply isn't anything like this online - a toolbox developed by internet marketers for internet marketers! Check it out: <<INSERT YOUR AFFILIATE LINK>>.

Email #2

The Internet Marketing Toolbox Of Your Dreams


In the last few days I've been using CB Clicksale <<INSERT YOUR AFFILIATE LINK>> - an internet marketing toolbox which has simply astounded me as to how much I can scale up my online business on a massive scale, together with tactics that's put me light years ahead of the competition.

It basically has everything you need with regards to building a massive email list quickly, offering bonus bribe incentives for the affiliate sale on any platform and also the ability to quickly sell stuff online with sales funnels that have upsells and downsells.

Plus you can use any one of the hundreds to thousands of digital items from the unbranded catalog, create your own product covers as well as being able to access/download tons of professional themes, plugins and scripts.

They currently have re-launch offer, so check it out before it's over at: <<INSERT YOUR AFFILIATE LINK>>.

Email #3

How to Earn Online With No Products, No Ideas, No Content


Indeed you really do not  need any products, ideas or content when you have access to a massive database and automated system which has it all done for you!

Introducing CB Clicksale <<INSERT YOUR AFFILIATE LINK>> is a one of a kind capability, never seen before - developed by internet marketers for internet marketers.

This software literally covers everything from list building, traffic generation, bonus bribes as incentives for people to purchase through your affiliate link as well as easy to implement sales funnels with upsells and downsells as long as your arm.

Plus they also have a massive unbranded digital catalog containing videos, audios, ebooks, scripts, plugins and more which you can use in any way you want.

One thing you really will want to take a close look at is the "Stealth Remote Commander" - this truly is a way to generate tons of traffic which can get you instant results through leveraging other sites authority in way that you never thought possible. It's proof that you don't even need content to attract visitors to your offer.