Keyword Resources

If keyword research is new to you then we recommend that you use  Google's Keyword Planner tool which is free to use. Simply sign up with your gmail account at Then clck the Tools and Analysis drop-down menu and select "Keyword Planner".

Keyword Tips

#1: Find and understand people's pain points first. Think about the problems they have and how CB Clicksale can solve that. From their you can motivate them, get them to take action and above all increase your affiliate sales.

#2: Internet Marketers who are searching online for a solution where CB Clicksale can help fall into the following categories:

  • Increasing Web Traffic
  • Improving Conversion Rates
  • Help With List Building
  • Succeeding With Affiliate Marketing
  • Ways to Make Money Online
  • Product Creation and Selling Online

#3: Internet Marketing phrases with free, review, training, advice etc. can help better target people looking for specific resources in order to solve problems.

Download Keyword List

Click here [TBD] to download a list of recommended keywords to assist you in your advertising and seo campaigns.

Traffic & Conversion Tips

Once you have identified your keywords, we recommend that you setup campaigns which target online resources where the target audience hangs out. For example you can use your sig nature link with participating on social groups, forums as well as discussions on web sites as well as running ads on various platforms as well as writing content as part of SEO and video marketing on Youtube.

A great way to build an incentive is to setup an optin page in return for a bonus e.g. use our free mini training videos. From there use your autorepsonder to promote and persuade folks to use CB Clicksale.