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“A growing digital catalog containing videos, audios, ebooks, graphics, software and more! Just about every imaginable niche is covered and expanding!” Plus you can create your own branded professional digital covers with our Pro Cover Maker as well as download PD Actions & Templates..."

With Over 1000 Solid Digital Products and Growing

There's more than 20 categories and 250 sub categories covering just about every niche imaginable and you're only a click away from:

  • Entering any niche that you want as an affiliate with offering bonus bribes for the sale.
  • Using these to sell your own products at any price and can be combined into bundles.
  • You can download them and amend them as part of developing your own products.
  • Even offer them as freebies as incentives to join your email list.

Included are product images and excerpts which provide an overview and sales copy examples.

Plus Add Your Own Private Products

In addition you can also integrate your own private products to CB Clicksale. In other words only you can access these and further can combine them with our pro catalog on all the different types of campaigns available within CB Clicksale i.e list building incentive offers, affiliate bonus bribes and direct selling.

Its really easy to add your private products. Simply copy the download URL and thumbnail and we'll take care of the rest.

It's worth noting CB Clicksale always hides the true download URL and places security/validation checks and limits when providing products to legitimate claimants either from the catalog or your private ones as part of your campaigns.

 Create Your Digital Covers In Minutes!

Create Beautiful Covers In Seconds

There's no need to purchase or install any expensive software in order to create professional product covers.

With various built in templates, widget/element selections and ability to add text anywhere you want you can create your product covers in seconds!

Its really easy to use and once complete you can download the image or use it to create 3D covers using our 3D Model creator (shown below).

Create 3D Covers Quickly & Easily

Once you have created your 2D cover using our cover creator you can of course convert that to 3D with it either being an Ebook, DVD, Magazine, Monitor or CD case.

Or perhaps you have your own image? No problem simply upload it, select the template you want and its done!

For a winning combination use our Pro Catalog digital items  with your own originally designed product covers as part of your sales copies and optin pages.

Using your own digital covers also allows you to promote your brand and with subtle changes to the title and your own descriptions - your offers can only be seen as unique and not available elsewhere.

 Plus Download & Use Our Photoshop Templates & Action Scripts For Detailed Customization & High Resolution Images

  Have Your Own Digital Products With Unlimited Use & No Restrictions

There is no need to imagine having a digital inventory of products amounting to more than a thousand and growing covering hundreds of different niches and media types from ebooks, audios, videos, graphics, plugins, scripts and more which you can use as you please. Its all there in CB Clicksale!

With use of CB Clicksale campaigns, you can use them as bonus incentives for email optins, bonus bribes for the affiliate sale as well as selling them for however much you want and as part of sales funnels with maximizing your number of sales. You can also package the products into bundles and even combine them with your private products in a seamless manner.

Perhaps you're looking to develop your own products quickly and consequently why not just use and adapt the ones available within CB Clicksale's catalog and avoid reinventing the wheel. Combine various products in an agile, holistic way and form your own unique ones.

The shear time and costs savings speaks for itself. Why spend endless amounts of time, effort and money searching for products or even developing your own when its all there within CB Clicksale?

Together with our Pro Cover Maker and PS templates and action scripts - you can quickly create your own professional looking product covers without spending a dime for someone else to do it for you.

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