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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add more than one Clickbank account to my CB Clicksale membership account?

No. Unless you purchase additional CB Clicksale membership accounts. Should you do that you will also need to use a different email address with regards to registration and contact details for each new account you create.

Do you need to access my Clickbank Account?

Simple answer No! The only thing you need to do is copy the API keys from your Clickbank account to CB clicksale which is real easy to do and fully explained within the training area. This simply allows CB Clicksale to communicate with Clickbank in a secure and limited manner with validating receipts and optional emailing sales notifications. Repeat we do not require your Clickbank logon and password so be assured your Clickbank account is safe and besides such details should never be shared in the first place!

What is the maximum number of bonuses I can add to each campaign?

In order to protect the integrity of our system this is limited to 6 digital products per campaign for standard members and 12 digital products for pro members. Should you require more then simply contact our help-desk.

Is there a limit to the number of campaigns I can create?

Yes. Again this is to protect the integrity of our system from abuse. The monthly limit for standard members is 10 campaigns per month and for pro members it is 50 per month. Again should you need to increase this then please contact our help desk support.

Can I add my own bonuses to CB Clicksale Catalog?

Yes – but only on the condition that this passes our quality standards with a manual review e.g. bonuses must not have any promotional content and links to special offers and also must be unbranded. Should you wish to do this then you will have to contact our help desk and we will review accordingly before adding it to the catalog.

How many bonuses are contained in the catalog?

At current we have more than 1,000 digital products and growing with every Clickbank marketplace category covered with ebooks, video and audio files. Should we not have a particular niche which you are looking for then please contact our help-desk.

Do campaigns expire?

No! But should you unsubscribe from membership then obviously yes.

Is there a contract?

No. CB clicksale is simply pay as you go which means you can opt out easily and at anytime.

How do I unsubscribe from membership?

Depending on the payment method used, all you need to do is logon on to your relevant payment account e.g. PayPal, online banking etc. and simply remove the recurring billing item. In addition our help-desk support can offer assistance.

Do I need to install any scripts on my own domain?

No. Setting up CB clicksale takes literally seconds and only needs to be done once when logging in as a new member. After that the only thing you ever need to do is copy generated code to your sales offer. Just good old fashioned copy and paste will have your campaigns online instantly!

Which autoresponders can be integrated to my campaigns within CB clicksale?

All of them! We offer 3 methods allowing for much flexibility and further we provide detailed instructions and support. In sum the methods are:

  • Post Data Method – This sends data directly to the autoresponder in the same way a user would fill out a form. This is the recommended method.
  • Get Data Method – This allows you to recieve the data on your server. This method will require programming skills in order to parse the received data and how you go about processing it. It is useful for situations where you want to use the data for not only signing up to a newsletter but for other things.
  • Redirect Method – This simply means that a redirect to your opt-in page is used.

Can I use cloaked links such as my affiliate links?

Yes. Further we recommend this. The use of cloaked links is discussed within the training area and its various uses.

Can I request new features?

Yes! Let us know. We have big plans to continue with its further development.


Got any questions? Then please drop us a note via our contact form.

Last Updated: 26th December 2014