Why Spend Endless Amounts of Time and Cash Developing Content for Lead Capture & Traffic? When You Can Legitimately Use Others!

Introducing the Stealth Remote Commander Module:

“Quickly capture leads and funnel traffic to your site through piggy backing on authority sites where your target audience hangs out. Setup and deploy within seconds... achieve enduring success thereafter!"

The Ultimate Traffic & Lead Capture On Steriods

 Take a Closer Look Inside...

Setup Your Campaign in Less than 60 Seconds!

  • ​You can choose either or both pop-up and top bar notification.
  • Can be embedded on your own website as well of course being placed on other websites.
  • Simply choose one of the pre-made templates and then add your details e.g. target URL, title, optin message,  image etc.
  • Extremely flexible configuration e.g. set fade in/out times, width, height as well layout and colors etc. with overriding defaults.
  • You can even suppress the target URLs own pop up message (other websites) with it only showing yours i.e. see the demo video above.
  • Under other steps you can integrate your autoresponder and define your bonus give-aways.
  • Fully automated for lead capture and secure delivery of bonuses.

Deploy Your Campaign In Micro-Seconds With Copy & Paste!

Simply copy the URL to where you want it i.e. Ad placement, website/forum comment, email message, social share etc.

​In other words strategically place those links where they will bring the most targeted traffic to your site!

Sit Back and Enjoy the show!  Increased Traffic & Opt-ins Galore...

This really is stealth marketing on steroids! Providing links to relevant, useful resources is what people really want.

With providing value, you'll see your opt-ins going through the roof as well as a massive increase of traffic to your site.

With building a list from highly targeted traffic, you'll also enjoy the benefit of sales after sales with using CB Clicksale's other campaigns such as affiliate promotions and direct sales with funnels.

  Cutting Edge Stealth Marketing: Gain Traffic and Leads Quickly and Easily!

Why spend endless days, weeks and months developing content with the hope that your website will gain more traffic?

Wouldn't it be much easier if your efforts where focused on leveraging authority content together with where your target audience already hangs out? With using that as a means to funnel traffic with achieving conversions from capturing highly targeted leads to sales all achieved with a few clicks of the mouse.

There simply isn't anything like the stealth remote commander out there. Easy to setup and deploy on any platform within seconds. Rinse and repeat and reap the rewards.

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